We offer a number of photo sessions, from a mini studio session for yearbook and couple of outfits to our Adventure Session that are all day photo shoots!

Whatever you have in mind lets do it! Horses, quads, cars, Kennywood, Lake Erie, action shots – we’d love to do it for you!

Studio Session
Available 24/7 year round in any weather!
Great for yearbook images!
Outside at the studio too!
Mini Session $39
Regular Session $59

Location Session
Your school, home, down by the river, something urban, something rural!

VIP Session
Both location AND studio, and we can do each on a different day! Change your hairstyle, different weather, more pictures!

Adventure Session
Studio session plus a SPECIAL LOCATION!
Presque Isle State Park, Kennywood, City of Pittsburgh…use your imagination!
About 4-5 hour photo shoot at the location(s)!
Price varies based on destination and number of people coming along – bring a couple of friends and it’s cheaper for everyone!