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 A really nice guitar won’t make the owner a great musician any more than a nice camera will make the person holding it a great photographer.

Lots of things have to come together to make a great picture. It starts with  a vision of what you want.  The mood or feeling you want to convey. What are you trying to say with the image, or what you’re trying to say about the subject in the picture.  It begins with composition of the elements in the picture (subject placement, background) using color, shadow, leading lines, placement, even the lens chosen and position of the photographer affect the composition of the portrait.  

Look at the images on the right. What is your eye drawn to?
Is it their face? Their eyes?

Whether color or black and white, the type and color of clothing, location and background are key choices to be made before the shutter is pressed.  There is also a choice of  key (low, mid, high), lighting (flat, ratio, color, direction, amount). Should the image be a close up or full length? Should the subject be standing, sitting, leaning? Where should the hands be? Smiling or not? Looking at the camera or not?  

Everyone wants to be thinner and look their best and that determines how the subject  needs to be posed to look their best - accentuate their best feature and de-emphasize others. Certain clothing choices can make you thinner, taller, make your eyes ‘pop’. The wrong clothes can do the opposite.


What makes a great photograph?Retouching