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The Fine Print of Fine Portraiture

We do everything possible to see that you have a pleasant experience with us and that we create wonderful visual memories that you will value and love for a lifetime. We start the process with an interview, preferably in person at our studio but by phone if necessary. During this interview we will discuss the reason for creating the portrait, subjects to be photographed, where we will create the images, clothing and other design choices, and how the final images will be displayed. We'll also schedule the portrait session along with a projection time (usually a week to 10 days after the portrait) for you to review the images. The portrait session fee, determined by the session chosen, is due when at the time of photography.

We like to get as much input from you as possible so we can develop a clear vision of your expectations and what you are looking for. Many of our sessions are done on-location and this allows us to check lighting availability, assess background choices and the best time of day or year to be able to capture what you envision.

We generally spend between one hour and three hours at the photo session, depending on which you choose. We create a collection of images, whenever possible in different locations and/or using different backgrounds, and do not limit the number of groups or poses we take (within the limitations of the chosen session). If you have any special requests we always try to accommodate you.

The projection appointment usually takes between one and two hours, depending on the complexity of the portrait and the number of people at the projection. (The more people at the projection, the longer it will take to make a decision.) Once you have narrowed your image choices to 10 or 20 favorites, if needed we can post them to the Web (at no extra charge) for 3 days so other family members can choose their favorites too. These images will be low quality, reference images only, and it may be difficult to see facial expressions on a large family group, or a pose with a large amount of scenery in addition to the subjects. All main decision-makers should therefore come to the projection where the full resolution images will be shown. We do not offer paper proofs of our custom portraits.

We've stayed current with the technological innovations sweeping our industry--in fact we've wholeheartedly embraced the many improvements and opportunities these changes are enabling. We are the leading digital studio in Beaver County. We've integrated professional grade digital capture into all of our portrait categories (wedding, high school senior, family portraits, and sports).  We're excited about the variety of products we can offer you!. If you have any questions about this new technology please feel free to ask us about it.

Studio Portraiture Photography
While we offer packages that can include our most popular items, we also offer a standard studio session for $59 or on-location for an additional fee. Our studio is handicapped accessible, offers several different lighting and background types, daylight studio and a potrait park in our “back lot”..

Event Photography
Events can range from a family reunion in Bradys Run Park where you need me for an hour or two, to a school play or sporting event  which may take 3 or 4 hours, to corporate seminars and trade shows which may have completely different needs and span several days. Some events require additional lighting or travel, equipment or permits. Give me a call or E-mail and we can discuss your needs. Prices are $125 per hour, 2 hour minimum, including post production processing  and web or CD proofs.

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Beaver (Brighton Twp)
Hours By Appointment / Evenings and Weekends Too!